Sundowner 190

We proudly present the Sundowner, our exceptional 19-foot boat designed to provide maximum seating space for up to 9 individuals. With its slightly deeper V-shape, the Sundowner surpasses our esteemed Classic and Celebrity Range, ensuring better handling in rough waters. The deeper sides also offer enhanced protection against the elements, prioritizing passenger comfort and safety.

The Sundowner’s standout feature is its remarkable usable space, often surpassing that of larger boats! It is equipped with built-in swim platforms, walk-through access into the boat, and a spacious centre ski locker. Additionally, you’ll find ample storage space and an aluminium windscreen, enhancing both convenience and durability.

Key Specifications:

Length: 5.9 meters
Beam: 2.27 meters
Hull weight: Approximately 520 kgs
Dead rise at bow: 30 degrees
Transom angle: 103 degrees

Experience the Sundowner’s winning combination of comfort, functionality, and performance. It’s time to elevate your boating adventures with the Sundowner, where seating capacity meets unparalleled usable space.

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