Benguela Cat – Forward Console

Experience the epitome of safety, quality, and pride of ownership with the Forward Console version of the 530 CC by Angler. This remarkable catamaran combines renowned Angler quality with an array of features designed to elevate your boating adventures. Prepare to embark on a fishing journey like no other.


– Length Overall (L.O.A.): 5.35m
– Maximum Beam (BEAM MAX): 2.35m
– Weight: 870 Kgs
– Recommended Horsepower: 2 x 60 – 2 x 75
– Maximum Horsepower (MAX HP): 2 x 90
– Percentage Flotation with 6 Persons and Effects: 160.00%


1. Specially Injected High Density Foam Flotation under the floor: With 3050 litres of foam flotation, this catamaran ensures optimal buoyancy and safety.

2. Stainless Steel Keel Strips: Protect your vessel from potential damage with the durable stainless steel keel strips.

3. Stainless Bow and Ski Eyes: Conveniently secure your bow and ski equipment with the stainless bow and ski eyes.

4. Self Bailing Deck with Stainless Scuppers: Enjoy a clean and dry deck with the self-bailing feature and stainless scuppers, ensuring water drains efficiently.

5. Non-Skid Fiberglass Sole: The non-skid fiberglass sole provides a secure grip for safe maneuvering on the deck.

6. Stainless Bowrails with Centre Opening: Enhance safety and ease of access with the stainless bowrails featuring a center opening.

7. Stainless Bow Roller and Bollard: Conveniently anchor your vessel with the stainless bow roller and bollard.

8. Stainless Trolling Bars with Adjustable/Removable Rod Holders: Optimize your fishing setup with the stainless trolling bars, featuring adjustable and removable rod holders.

9. Boarding Step at Transom: Easily access your catamaran with the boarding step at the transom.

10. Built-in Live Bait Well with Front “Window”: Keep your bait fresh and easily accessible with the built-in live bait well, featuring a front “window” for convenient viewing.

11. Forward Console with Polycarbonate Screen and Stainless Screen Rail: The forward console provides a comfortable and protected space for the driver, with a polycarbonate screen and stainless screen rail.

12. Large Cupboard Under Driver Side and Port Side: Conveniently store your belongings with the large cupboards under the driver and port sides, offering ample storage space.

13. Tackle Drawers and Separate Storage Hatch in Walk-Thru: Keep your fishing gear organized with the tackle drawers and separate storage hatch in the walk-thru area.

14. All Doors and Hatches with Stainless Hinges and Secure Catches: Enjoy the durability and security of stainless hinges and secure catches on all doors and hatches.

15. Storage for Up to 6 Fuel Cans: Ensure you have enough fuel for your fishing expeditions with storage space for up to 6 fuel cans.

16. Extra Large Anchor Hatch in Bow: Easily access your anchor with the extra-large anchor hatch located in the bow.

17. Flush Fish Hatches with Drain and Split Lids: Keep your catch fresh with the flush fish hatches, featuring drains and split lids.

18. Dry Storage Cupboards Under Engine Well: Utilize the dry storage cupboards located under the engine well for storing additional equipment or personal belongings.

19. Built-in Stainless Rod Racks in Sides: Securely store and transport your fishing rods with the built-in stainless rod racks located on the sides.


The Forward Console version of the 530 CC by Angler is the pinnacle of angling excellence. With its unrivaled features, exceptional craftsmanship, and superior performance, it’s time to take your fishing adventures to new horizons. Embrace the pride of ownership and experience the Angler difference with this remarkable catamaran.

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