T-Cat 190

The T-Cat 190 is a phenomenal fishing vessel that combines durability, performance, and convenience. With its impressive specifications and standard features, this 17 ft (5.1m) craft is designed to elevate your fishing experience to new heights. Let’s explore the exceptional details of the T-Cat 190:


Length: 5.1m / 17ft
Beam: 2.3m
Draft: 95cm
Fuel Capacity: 4×25 litre tanks
Weight: 470kg
Recommended Power: 2x40hp – 60hp
Buoyancy: Bottles or foam


1. Stainless Push Plate: The T-Cat 190 is equipped with a sturdy stainless push plate, ensuring durability and protection during your fishing expeditions.

2. Trawling Bars with Rod Holders: Experience the ultimate convenience for trawling with the included trawling bars featuring rod holders, allowing you to optimize your fishing setup.

3. Gunnel Rod Holders: Keep your fishing rods securely in place with the gunnel rod holders, providing easy access to your gear while keeping your hands free for reeling in the big catch.

4. Buoyancy: The T-Cat 190 offers buoyancy options through either bottles or foam, ensuring the safety and stability needed for your fishing adventures.

Additionally, the T-Cat 190 comes standard with a well-built, galvanized breakneck trailer. This ensures convenient transportation and peace of mind knowing that your boat is securely supported.

Get ready to explore the waters with the T-Cat 190, the ultimate companion for fishing enthusiasts. With its impressive specifications, versatile features, and reliable construction, this vessel is designed to enhance every aspect of your fishing experience. Unleash your passion for angling and set sail with confidence aboard the T-Cat 190.

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