Infanta 4.7LRi

The Infanta 4.7 LRi is a versatile RIB available for single or twin installation. Its deep V mono hull design ensures easy handling and exceptional performance. While it shares similar features with the 5.2 LRi, it is a compact and agile option for those seeking a smaller boat.

Length: 4700mm
Length on Trailer: 5300mm
Inside Length: 3800mm
Beam: 2200mm
Beam In: 1200mm
Comp: 4
Pass.: 6
Rec. Hp: 40hp-80hp
Hull Dead Weight: 250 kg
Max. Load: 800kg

Standard Features

Integral nose anchor box with seat. Hatch below deck.
Moulded back seat, back rest and splash well combination.
Non slip moulded deck.
Excellent performance and handling with a comfortable dry ride.
ISO 6185/3 approved – CE certified

Optional extras

Bow rail
Console Rail
Built in fuel tank
Ski Bar
Stainless steel T-Top
Keel strip
Rod holders
PVC or PU Double skin
Boat cover
Sun canopy
Bilge pump
Navigation and electronic equipment

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