Polaris General 1000 Premium

Unleash your spirit of exploration and escape the hustle and bustle with the GENERAL 1000. This remarkable UTV allows you to venture into the great outdoors on your own terms, discovering hidden trails and breath taking scenery.

Equipped with an array of standard features, the GENERAL 1000 ensures convenience and versatility. Its 600 lb. dumping cargo box provides ample space to carry your gear and essentials, while the impressive 12.25″/13.2″ suspension travel allows for a smooth and comfortable ride over various terrains.

With a towing capacity of 1,500 lb, the GENERAL 1000 lets you bring along additional equipment or trailers for added adventure. The sport chassis enhances manoeuvrability and agility, making every ride exhilarating.

Experience ultimate control with the True On-Demand All-Wheel Drive, offering exceptional traction when you need it most. The VersaTrac Turf Mode allows you to traverse sensitive areas with minimal impact, preserving the integrity of delicate landscapes.

Additionally, the premium half doors provide protection from the elements while still allowing you to feel the thrill of the open air.

Get ready to explore more and create unforgettable memories with the GENERAL 1000, your ticket to adventure and freedom.

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