Parsun T40 AFWL-T

T40  AFWL-T Outboard Motor

T40, as a new model, is a medium horsepower two-stroke outboard motor with superb performance stability. Simple structure, flexible maneuvering and easy to use, the T40 is suitable for fishery industry and also for going to the water for surfing because of good explosiveness and acceleration. In the same 40hp class, T40 has a larger displacement and stronger under-water propulsion which make T40 more powerful and higher loading capacity.


Model T40
Specs Options T40BMS/T40BML/T40FWS/T40FWL/T40BWS/T40BWL/T40FWS-T/T40FWL-T
Transom Height 15in./20in.
Dry Weight 73.5-81.7Kg
Max. RPM range 4500~5500r/min
Max. outpower 29.4kW(40HP)@5000r/min
Idling RPM range 950~1050 r/min
Engine Type L2  Reed Valve
Displacement 703c
Bore X Stroke 80×70 mm
Ignition Timing CDI
Steering System Tiller handle/Remote control
Starting System Manual start/electric start
Gear Shift F-N-R
Gear Ratio 2.0
Trim &Tilt Manual tilt /Electric
Fuel Tank Capacity 24L
Max. Fuel Consumption 20L/h
Gear Oil Capacity 430cc
Lubrication System 50:1(Fuel:Oil)
Propeller* 3-12″/13″

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