Parsun T5.8 BMS/L

T5.8 Outboard Motor

A punchy 5.8hp 2-stroke outboard motor. Whether you want to go out fishing alone or enjoy time on the water with your family, this outboard motor will perform well. It features light weight, easy maintenance, and low fuel consumption. Reliability and durability are assured. Available in short shaft or long shaft


Model T5.8
Specs Options T5.8BMS/T5.8BML
Transom Height 15in./20in.
Dry Weight 20-21Kg
Max. RPM range 4500~5500r/min
Max. Outpower 4.3kW(5.8HP)@5000r/min
Idling RPM range 1000~1100 r/min
Engine Type L1
Displacement 74.6cc
Bore X Stroke 55.0×43 mm
Ignition Timing CDI
Steering System Tiller handle
Starting System Manual start
Gear Shift F-N-R
Gear Ratio 2.15
Trim &Tilt Manual
Fuel Tank Capacity Built-in 2.7L
Max. Fuel Consumption 3.1L/h
Gear Oil Capacity 100cc
Fuel and Oil Mixing Ratio 50:1
Propeller 3-8″

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