Parsun T9.8 BMS/L

T9.8 Outboard Motor

The T9.8 is an excellent two-stroke outboard with the advantages of being  light weight, small in size and has sufficient power. Fiberglass boats, aluminum boats and other small boats under 6 meters are all ideal boats on which this reliable and durable outboard can be installed.


Model T9.8
Specs Options T9.8BMS/T9.8BML
Transom Height 15in./20in.
Dry Weight 26-27Kg
Max. RPM range 5000~6000r/min
Max. outpower 7.2kW(9.8HP)@5000r/min
Idling RPM range 1150~1250 r/min
Engine Type L2  Reed Valve
Displacement 169cc
Bore X Stroke 55.0×43 mm
Ignition Timing CDI
Steering System Tiller handle
Starting System Manual start
Gear Shift F-N-R
Gear Ratio 2.08
Trim &Tilt Manual
Fuel Tank Capacity 12L
Max. Fuel Consumption 5.1L/h
Gear Oil Capacity 320cc
Mixing Ratio(Fuel:Oil) 50:1
Propeller 3-8.3″

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