Motorguide Xi3


Motorguide Xi3

Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Stay on Fish.

There are plenty of reasons to fish with the new Xi3. For starters, it has a wireless control out of the box, so there’s no need for an expensive add-on. Right from the start you’ll be fishing from anywhere on the boat with the convenient hand-held remote.

You’ll also get best-in-class quiet operation that’s up to 40% quieter than the leading competitor.

With our SecureStep system, stowing and deploying the Xi3 is safe and easy. Releasing the motor from its locked, position, and raising to stow and go, takes just a single step on the release lever from a comfortable standing position.

With the world class Pinpoint® GPS module, Xi3 allows you to focus on fishing while taking advantage of GPS functions like anchor, heading lock, route record and more.

MOTOGUID FW/LESS Xi3 55LB  54″ 54″ 12V
MOTOGUID F-W/LESS Xi3 55LB  54″ 54″ 12V
MOTOGUID F-W/LESS Xi3 70LB  54″ 54″ 24V